Haiti Trips

When I was in Haiti I spent most of my time in the village of Bercy. I got to know the people there adults and children alike. I didn’t get back this past winter do to the earth quake. I can’t wait to return! These people and their resilence have become part of me. Some day I hope to purchase land near Herodes garden and open it up to teaching people about sustainability, solor and earthen ware ovens as well as animal husbandry and irrigation.

Bercy Haiti from Google Earth Jan 25 2010

The second week of December I am planning a trip to Haiti. My guys I very excited about this. They have eaten in my home here in New Hampshire and spent time with my family, now it is their turn to show me their homes and introduce me to their families. This trip is taking a lot of planning! There are so many things that need to be considered… to buy bottled water or take a water bottle with a filter, how many bags of items I should try and carry, safty concerns…

I am sure it will all come together just fine.


I will be visiting the villages of Bercy, Guiton, Cabaret, and Arcahaie


4 thoughts on “Haiti Trips

  1. Thanks Rebecca for helping the guys out..I’m glad you keep use updated on the guys..I wish we can do more for them.. Can’t wait to see them again this year at camp..Please let us know whats going on with Jeffery.. Thanks Again for all you do for the guys

  2. Hi, Rebecca- I love the idea of teaching sustainability techniques in Bercy. This is something that has been on our ‘organizational heart’ for a long time, too. It is interesting to see your Google map of the area– though we are not a part of JBA, our teams almost always stay at the children’s home on the right side of the picture. It looks like our paths run almost parallel. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had some of the same children in the community as buddies.

  3. Charity,
    that is great that we are working in the same village. I have been in the childrens home for a tour in January 2009. Maybe some time we will meet in Haiti. Any way I can help with information on Bercy just let me know.
    L’ Union Fait La Force- Untiy Creates Strength!

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