Wedding in Bercy

The house is a buzz, a wedding is in the making and we are all attending. Geurline’s sister is getting married today and everyone is in a tizzy. But why they are in a tizzy is beyond me. I was told we needed to be at the church at 2:00, it is one o’clock and I am sitting here all dressed up and know one do go anywhere with, everyone is out.

For the last week everyone has been busy busy busy with wedding plans. Geurline has been at her mothers house working on wedding decorations and put the finishing touches on the soon to be newly-weds new house. This morning she was off again to work on last minute wedding preparations and the beginnings of cooking for the reception. It is now 1:30 and still I sit alone… wondering if the laid back scheduling that I have become accustomed to in Haiti, also pertains to Haitian weddings as well.

My dress is starting to stick to me… my shower… out of a five gallon bucket served up in a cup… seems like five hours ago rather than one.

Finally my date for the wedding arrives on his motorcycle. I am pleased to see him at the same time the thought of riding the motorcycle in my dress crosses my mind… Oh darn this will be interesting. Just then Edens walks in the door, seemingly in no hurry at all. He said he had to stop and have his motorcycle washed in case they needed him to deliver people to and from the wedding. 10 minutes later Geurline and Marlynn arrive and the house becomes a loud tornado of preparation. Midy and I escape out the door and head for the motorcycle. My dress pulled up to mid thigh we takeoff for the wedding.

The five minute drive was enough to dry the sweat on my dress and give everyone a chance to see how much whiter my legs are than my arms! We were lucky to find a place to squeeze into the large church. We were just in time for the beginning of the wedding.

I have watched a video of a Haitian wedding before… But it certainly didn’t show the full story! It was beautiful and bewildering at the same time. The church was full… people were watching through the doors and windows. The dancing in the isle was wonderful as were the clothes. What surprised me is how relaxed everyone watching was… People came and went at leisure. We stepped out to get some air, and to dry the sweat on our clothes. Out side peopled milled around, yes during the service. One man a relative of the bride had a large bottle of rum in his suit coat pocket and was serving people, a walking bar! Two hours later everyone rushed to the windows and doors… I was bewildered… what was all the fuss? Midy grabbed my camera as he headed for the door and into the building. On Midy’s return I found out that the rush was to see the bride and groom kiss… but the ceremony was not over yet. But what fun it was outside! Meeting up with friends I hadn’t seen in a few years and the candid pictures were just asking to be taken!


Oh and Edens, Geurline and Marlynn were late by 1 hour! But the wedding started only 15 minutes late!

Watching the kiss

Watching the kiss

IMG_3247_zpsf3ee56ba-1_zpsac91d7da (1)




Old friends connecting

Old friends connecting


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