Okra, No More

What would you think if someone came to your home and offered to help you start a business, but told you they needed space to put up a building?  If you’re hopeful the offer is a good offer, you rip out your garden of okra and watermelon. These are plants that were going to feed your family. But… It is worth it to start this business! You are excited because you were interviewed and chosen out of many others. Your life has been so difficult since the earthquake and you can’t always put food on the table… These people are offering hope!

This is the process a family in Williamson, Haiti went through in July of 2012. World Wide Village, a Minnesota based “non-profit” asked me to interview families and find two that would be good for the two businesses we were going to help start. One business an egg laying operation, and the other raising chickens to sell at the meat market. The family I refer to above is the family that was chosen to raise meat chickens.

This family did indeed take out their garden to have a building put up for their new business that WWV promised them. A building that was never built, a business that was never started, and hopes that were never realized! This “project” began in the beginning of July. When I left Haiti in January 2013 nothing had been done for this family! The other family that was chosen for the egg laying business has a structure that is incomplete, supplies not purchased, and no chickens! I repeatedly requested $500.00 USD to complete that project and the money never came from the headquarters in Minnesota.

About a month before leaving Haiti I was at the Guest House rented by World Wide Village. Monthly rent on that guesthouse that often sits empty is twice the cost of the $500 I was requesting for the start up of the businesses for the families in Williamson. Two of the WWV “team” members were still there. When I asked if the chicken project in Williamson (meaning the egg laying one, because they didn’t know about the other) was complete, they said the were told by Randy Mortenson (the head of World Wide Village) that the person they hired from the United States lied when they said they knew all about chickens, they really knew nothing. I look at the team member and said “He was talking about me and I didn’t lie.” I said my goodbyes and walked away.

Unfortunately the computer that contained the information on the two families and the pictures was stolen the end of July.

10/3/12  A portion of an email sent to Pat Mortenson. This was in regards to the egg laying business.


I am assuming Randy is on a fund raising tour right now, as he has not responded to my email regarding what he wants me doing. I have sent in the same req. 2 or 3 times requesting the money to finish poultry project #1 in Williamson and have heard no reply. I would love to get that project completed. It has been about seven weeks since it was last worked on.

Enough is enough! World Wide Village and many other NGOs in Haiti lie not only to the Haitians they are “helping”, but they also lie to their givers.

Please visit http://www.ngoconfidential.wordpress.com and http://samanthamgross.blogspot.com/2012/07/communication.html      http://mcthewriter.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/confession-of-a-haitian-working-for-an-american-non-profit-organization-in-haiti/

These pictures are of the building of the above mentioned project. 






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