So What Happened? Bakery, Store and now Goats?

You the reader and supporter must be wondering if I have ADHD when it comes to the next project in Haiti. A short time ago I was writing about a bakery for Boily, and then a store/whole sale location there, and now you see me discussing a herd of goats for a woman in Boily. Well lets see if I can help clear up the confusion.

1) The bakery is off the table, unless someone with a lot of experience with solar panels can show me how this would work without covering the mountain side with them.

2) The store/whole sales buying is not completely out, just the whole sale buying. The whole sale buying piece has morphed into something different do me having travelled to Boily January 14 and seeing things up close. The store project will continue to move forward as will a project to help with the getting produce to market issue. More info to follow. The money raised for this project sits in the account waiting for the remaining funds and the right timing.

3) Herd of goats. It is an inexpensive project that I can fund raise for in a short period of time, like most of the projects I have done in the past. I will post a column about it here today, that will also be published in The Trendy Times paper out of Woodsville, NH.

So it is a matter of working out all the details to make sure that the project is successful for the people and the village. To many projects in Haiti and put together with out a lot of thought, without the input of the villagers, without a deep knowledge of what works in Haiti. None of these projects would be bad for Boily, they would all help the village and families. Its is in the fine details for the village, families and Haiti that the details have to be refined, ironed out, and discussed.


So let me share with you pictures of Boiy, Haiti.

Part of the road Boily

Boily, Haiti

Can you spot the houses on the other side of the gorge in Boily, Haiti?

Boily Haiti


Boily Church


Homes in Boily, Haiti

Living on the edge Boily Haiti


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