Pillar of the Community

Pastor Wilkens is an amazing man, highly looked upon in Thomas and many other villages. The first time I heard about him was several months ago when Esaie started talking about him. It was his car that drooped them off and picked them up from the airport, for that matter it was his car that did both for me.
The last trip to Haiti I had the privilege of attending Pastor Wilkens church in Thomas and then meeting with him for several hours a couple days before leaving Haiti. A meeting that lasted five hours taught me much about Pas (Pastor Wilkens), and how we see many things in the same way.
Pas is not just a Pastor and a pillar of the community, he is also a business man and has returned to school for a degree in marketing. Pas, grew up as a only child in a poor family. A Pastor in his village took him under his wing, teaching him and helping him. Pas has never forgotten this and has made it his life to pay it forward.
In the village of Thomas Pas is paying for 30 children to attend school, he feels that education is extremely important. Of these thirty children he has given ten of them female baby goats (ti Karin). He has met with them, teaching them not only how to care for their goat but how to move ahead in this business. They are learning about raising more goats, turning a profit and some day being able to take those profits and buy into yet another business. He is also teaching them that to whom much is given, much is expected. That they need to become strong educated leaders and that they will later need to pay it forward to others.
To meet someone in Haiti that on there own is not only working in the same manner I am, but starting with the youngest generation was wonderful. Pas and I have decided to become partners in what he is doing. I hope to find sponsors here in the US to purchase more goats, buy materials, and what not, so that the Pastors program can grow bigger. While it is important to work with the adults, as I have been doing, the youngest generation will make the biggest change for the future of Haiti.
If you would, like more information in this project please let me know.


Ti kabrit


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