Charlie & Motorcycle

Having never been around or on a motorcycle Charlie was very excited when he heard we would be using them in Haiti. Unlike his mother, he had no fear the first time he got on one. In fact the first thing he said is “can I drive?”, every mothers nightmare, her five-year old driving a motorcycle!

Charlie became an avid rider, wanting to ride as often as possible! With the exception of riding in Port Au Prince, Charlie always had the same drivers Esaie or Jo. Jo, who Charlie renamed Tonton (uncle) Jo, was the first person to let Charlie run the accelerator and then steer. Jo became his favorite person to ride with, mmmmm I wonder why. One of our trips to the beach we had so many people going that we needed to take two motos. Charlie refused to ride with someone new, so that driver (a friend of Esaie’s) let Esaie drive and he became the passenger. Charlie got to ride up front on the fuel tank, (as he always did with the exception of Port Au Prince), everyone else, 3 total piled on behind.

I was very comfortable with Charlie on the motorcycle until the trip to Port Au Prince. You can read Stream of Thoughts for more on that.

Charlie's Fist Ride

Charlie with Tonton Jo

One Cool Dude

Debating who will drive

Charlie, Esaie, Bubu and Franck

Charlie in the middle in Port Au Prince


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