Missions Mistake

Yesterday a Grace World Missions bus pulled into Thomas as Esaie and I were standing near the store. Looking out the window were many Asian faces. Esaie and I at the same time asked each other if we should follow. He wanted to attend a meeting that was happening with a Haitian man who said he was going to have a project, but in 11 years has done nothing for the community. They were going to give him a list of demands to meet or he needs to leave and his project would go to another organization. I wanted to watch the mission team in action. The surprised looks on their faces when they say me in Thomas, were enough to make me want to shock them some more. I already knew that I didn’t think I would like what I was going to see. I have such an issue with these groups anyways. I reminded myself to be quite and just watch. We jumped in the back of a truck and hitched a ride up the mountain to the church and meeting place. Deeply regretting leaving without my camera, climbing into the mountain I was able to see things in a new way, the ride was all together to short, I would have loved to continue to climb into the mountains.
In side the wall surrounding the church were dozens of Haitian men and a couple women. The bus was parked and a couple Asians were wondering around. Children were starting to file into the church. Esaie and I decided I would not attend the meeting as an American there might make things more difficult. Fine with me I had other things up my sleeve. About a dozen, as I learned Koreans, we’re inside the building with their three translators. As usual without Esaie by my side young men came flocking to spend time with me, try their English and see if I speak creole. In know time I met Jackie who not only is a translator but is the head of the children’s programs of the church we are standing in. So as I feared this was yet another group of missionaries out to make themselves feel better. Only their spoken words were translated, they asked the children to learn songs in Korean and in English, they taught the children how to greet someone in Korean but they didn’t themselves know how to greet some one in creole. They couldn’t even say bonjour or Chitta. I spoke to one of the Koreans and said their message is good but the children do not understand and are having no fun because you are asking them to learn and sing something that has no meaning to them. He said they didn’t have time to prepare. Their words are like the wind blowing by the children’s ears. The charade went one for over an hour with the children sitting listless and confused, Jackie could have translated the songs but the group said no. The children were spending a lot of time checking in with me, many of them know me and the ones that didn’t soon had the word spread to their ears. When Charlie made his appearance the Koreans might as well have left, Charlie stole the show. They came made them selves feel better, left nothing but confusion behind. Why? What was the point? They did nothing to improve the future of those children, they didn’t even spread the word of god in a language they could understand. So I hope they left patting themselves on the back for the good job they have done. what a joke!
When will these groups open their eyes? Yes, save the soul but give then hope for the future while living not just hope for their future after death. Those children are living in homes where they might receive one meal a day, they are thirsty for more than just the living water, they are thirsty for clean water to quench their physical thirst. They hunger for hope in their future.




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