Can We Ever Wear-out Another Mans Shoes?

People often say that you don’t really understand someone until you have “walked in their shoes”.
I think about this often while in Haiti, and while I am here and preparing for start ups etc. in Haiti. Walking in another’s shoes is very difficult, we can do the things they do, maybe struggle with what they struggle with. But, I ask you, do you really think we can truly walk in their shoes without their memories, their feelings and their spirit, soul and heart.
While in Haiti I feel that I can get a glimpse into someone’s life, a glimpse into their struggles and frustration. But my views are clouded by my history, my upbringing, and well for lack of better word “stuff”, all change my view, how I take things in and how I process things. I can’t tell you how frustrating I find this inability to fully walk in someone else’s shoes. Is it possible to help people truly deeply help them without dropping my memories, history and “stuff”?
I can read, ask questions, and live like my Haitian friends do but my “stuff” remains.
Walking is an action as is listening. I think that the answer to my struggle with this is to remind my self that the key is listening. Active listening! listening when people are talking and listening when they are not. Often the silence is the most telling.
Just my random thoughts for today.


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