Western Union with a Gun

After having said I would go to the market in Cabaret due to the cholera outbreak, I ended up going. Edens and I went to Western Union in Cabaret. Before entering the building a man put hand sanitizer on our hands. We entered an air conditioned room that was packed with people. There were two security guards, one carrying a hand held metal detector and the other a gun that resembled a sawed off shot gun! Some people were there for the bank others for the Western Union. There were two lines so to speak. The guards new who was going where and make sure that new people entering the building were put in the right line. Every few minutes you could here a bell go off and some one would come out of the Western Union room and a new person would go in. When a person would go in we would all have to move down a set, as directed by the security. Clearly not many, (if any) white people go to the Western Union, I was the recipient of many a surprised look. Equally shocking to people seemed to be my relationship with Edens. We had many things to discuss and were not about squander this time by not using it to discuss important items. Our clear intent on each other and the note book that we were passing back and forth seemed to catch people off guard. We sat, moving from seat to seat for a little over an hour! After the bell rings for Edens to go in, I stepped out side into the market place. People watching always keeps me entertained, especially watching peoples reactions to my being there. I have yet in all of my trips to Haiti seen another white person walking through the market place in Carbaret or else where, I have never seen another white person on the back of a motorcycle. This tells me something and I will blog about this later, so look for the blog titled “Behind the Fence”.

Market outside the Western Union

More Market




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