Home Away from Home


I am staying for the first time on my land. It is very different that my pervious trips. I am further away from things in general, on the opposite side of Bercy than before and things are so very quite. People are not around in the same way as the other locations, being out where I am the visitors are fewer and there are not children hanging all over me all the time. It was strange going to Haiti and not seeing Jazmean or her older sister at all. In some ways it is like starting over again, the people on the other side of Bercy had grown accustomed to me. I could walk anywhere and have people call my name and try and talk with me. People were not surprised to see the white woman walking around or driving by on the moto. On this side of Bercy I am being starred at, surprised looks on peoples faces when they see me walking by or riding on the moto. People stop or walk really slowly on the road outside of the property and watch me from a distance. People do not walk through my property to get to other places like they did at Herodes house, so when someone is on the property it is for a reason.



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