Club Ti Moun (Children’s Club)

6 November 2010

I visited Club Ti Mound last night. It is a children’s club located in Bercy at the habitat for humanity Village. About 15 children (Ti Moun) were seated out side of a house. They were being led by a woman in song and then in prayer. The children were dressed in their nicest clothes and were very attentive to the singing and prayer. After the prayer they sang me a song of welcome. The co-teacher told me that they meet 2-3 times a week, they sing, pray and talk about God. At the end the children are asked questions, the child who can answer the most correctly gets a surprise. I ask if they would all like a surprise tonight? They answered “WE”! So at this time Edens open a suitcase full of shirts from Camp Wicosutta. He explained about camp Wicosutta and what children do there. Every child was given a shirt as well as their parents. We then sang Amazing Grace together. The children were very surprised to hear me sing it in English. They sang a couple more songs, Edens explained how I am working on helping them to have a meeting place and then we prayed again.



Club Ti Moun

Handing out shirts


One thought on “Club Ti Moun (Children’s Club)

  1. Again you bring tears to my eyes. We are in such a state of transition now personally but soon I want to talk again.
    Blessings and Good Health to you Rebecca!
    Wayne and Peggy

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