Association Being Creating In Haiti



The Committee


Bercy, Haiti & Beyond Association

Committee Meeting  Cabaret, Bercy, km 47

6 November 2010

Meeting took place at the home of Rigobert Gregoire and Madonne Laguerre located in Bercy, at the Habitat for Humanity Village.

In attendance were: Rebecca Bailey, Joseph Charles, Edens Monpoint, Rigobert Gregoire, Madonne Laguerre, John Gabin, Herode Delice, and Micheline Francois.

The name of the Association was discussed and all agreed to keep the name Bercy Haiti and beyond, but add the word Association to the end.

It was then explained by Edens Monpoint and Rebecca Bailey their feelings on the Associations use of their land. Explaining that the only part of the land that will be usable to the Association will be the building that is put on it for Association use. The remainder of the land will be for the soul use and discretion of Edens Monpoint and Rebecca Bailey. The members of the Association understood this and felt that this would not be a problem.

The group then discussed the positions that must be filled and who should fill them. It should be noted that the day before Joseph Charles and Edens Monpoint explained to Rebecca Bailey what these positions mean in a Haitian Association. The positions and the people filling them are as follows: Edens Monpoint President, Rebecca Bailey Vice President, Micheline Francois Secretary, Madonne Laguerre vice Secretary, Joseph Charles Treasurer, John Gabin Delegate. After much discussion and a secret ballot vote; Rigobert Gregoire became the second Delegate, Herode Delice an Advisor and Pastor Toto an Advisor. Note: Pastor Toto as of this meeting he has not been contacted yet regarding the association.

The committee discussed membership to others once the Association becomes official. That people who want to become members will have to fill out forms, have identification and be in good standing in the community.

Discussed next were the businesses the Association would be involved in starting. These businesses would employ people from Bercy and improve their quality of life. The very fist Association move will be to set up a woman from Bercy with a sewing business. Mary Clare is a young mother with a two month old son named Robins. The supplies for this business will arrive from the United States in January. The remainder of this discussion were the steps in the plan.

The steps are as follows:

1. Edens Monpoint will get paper work on he and Rebecca’s land done with the State of Haiti, this includes a survey.

2. Paper work will be done with the State of Haiti to officially for the Association.

3. A building will be built on the land owned by Edens Monpoint and Rebecca Bailey.

4. The first use of the building will be for a meeting place; specifically “Club Ti Moun” (children’s club) to start.

5. Internet Café

6. Photo processing

7. movie nights

8. School/Business Supply store

9. Restaurant/ Bar/ Club

10. laundry Mat


After a brief prayer the group adjourned the meeting, to a picture session, and the decision to meet again soon.


Position Explanations:



President & Vice President along with the Secretaries and Treasurer remain the same as in the United States.
The Delegate is a person/people who are assigned a “mission” by the President or Vice President. Such as delivering a letter to a potential sponsor, picking up materials and looking into other matters that the Association needs to have done. The Association pays for the travel of the Delegate and meals while on the errand.
The Advisor is as it sounds. Though the Association did discuss that we all must play the role of advisor and seek the advice of people out side of the Association when needed. But the Government of Haiti needs to have those two roles filled.

Meet the Association Committee Members:



Edens Monpoint: business man, gardener, and mason
Rebecca Bailey: United States representative, founder of Bercy Haiti and Beyond, fund raiser


Micheline Francois: Nurse for Samaritans Purse, foster mother for three children
Madonne Laguerre: Nurse for Hope Missions
Joseph Charles: Teacher

John Gabin: Translator and gardener

Herode Delice: Student and gardener

Rigobert Gregoire: soon to graduate from law school

Pastor Toto: Pastor of a church in Bercy




Micheline and Madonne Talking


Joseph relaxing after the meeting




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