People are always asking what I am taking to Haiti. So, I thought I show you guys my packing list for this trip. The items with stars, are items that will be sold in Haiti to raise money for another local business.

– * 2 five-inch tvs

– * 2 portable CD players

– Large battery charger

– *boom box with CD player

– * 2 walkman

– 10 lbs of seeds

– juicer

– batter powered air pump

– beef jerky 2 lrg bags

– size 9 sneakers, for Herode

– size 10 sneakers, for Peter

– * 4 cell phones

– camp wicosutta shirts

– air mattress

2 soccer balls


– rice

– peanut butter

– medical supplies

– lap top, for a new local business

– childs school bag

– * sm. AM/FM radio

– toothpaste

– children’s clothes

– mens deodorant

– shower curtain rods

– shower curtains

– camara equipment for a local

– my clothes

– DD batteries


– bug spray

– John Grisham book, for John Gabin

– screen tent

– tent stakes

6 tarps

camp shower

toilet paper

– spoons, knives, and forks

– little girl sandals

– my camara equipment

– my netbook

I don’t know if this is all of it, but it give you an idea of what I am carrying in.


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