The Return

Well the tickets have been purchased, I am flying to Haiti November 4th and returning the 11th. For the most part my bags are fully packed, I do have room for a few more donation if the come it. A big thanks to Sue Rhin, who picked up medical supplies for me to take.

Yesterday when I spoke with Edens he told me they just finished planting 50 lemon trees on my property! Monday they will plant 10 Mango trees! The 20 foot deep latrine hole is complete, now it is a matter of doing concrete work and the wood frame-work. The walls and roof will be tarps, that are in my luggage!

I am glad I took a tent down in September and left it! I have a second tent in my luggage this trip, it is one of those screen tents, so it has just screened sides. It will be set up directly in front of the regular tent, acting as an entry room, storage room and second sleeping area. The regular tent is 19×12 and the screen tent is 13×9, plenty of space.

 So many things are being planned for my stay in November. I am going to host a town meeting in Bercy. Many Haitian people ask me what my plan is for Haiti, I have restrained thus far in saying to them “what is your plan?” I want to talk to the people of Bercy: see what they think will help their village, what kinds of businesses are needed, and what their plans for Bercy are. I want us to work together on plans for Bercy, not me guessing and struggling with what would help. I also feel that if the villagers are involved then there will be pride of ownership. As my tattoo say L’ Union Fait La Force, unity creates strength.

I also hope to meet with the head of Samaritan’s Purse while I am there about housing issues in Bercy. I will also be meeting with Paul Stevens of DRC emergency services. If the leg work goes well I hope to be locating a family or two to help set on the path to working with Heifer Project International. And perhaps some contact with World Vision will take place as well.

As far as the land: I will be planting the vegetable garden, helping put up barbed wire fencing, and who knows what else.

I am excited that on this trip I will be able to see Darlin and her business up and running! The solar panel is supposed to be in by the end of October, it better be as it is paid for. As far as other  businesses I have helped start, I hope to download onto my netbook photos taken by John Nobear, I hope to either do a display of them on this BLOG, or perhaps something bigger. John’s camara equipment was destroyed in the earth quake, we provided him with new digital equipment. I will be looking for a woman who it skilled in sewing to help set up with a sewing machine and fabric so she can have her own businesses. I currently have two sewing machines to take down in January.  I have some cloth, but will be looking for donations of more.

There will be some interesting new stories from this trip, as there always are. But, this time around I will be learning to cook over a small charcoal fire. I did cook with it once on the last trip, but it was just spaghetti. This trip I will learn to cook rice, beans, vegetables and who knows what else! This should be interesting for me and entertaining for you the reader!

I want to share a small list of items still needed for this trip (or the next):

Walkman with AM/FM radio                                                                                                           Cell phones, especially ones with SIM cards                                                                    medical supplies                                                                                                                             size 9 mens sneakers                                                                                                                        cloth diapers with safety pins                                                                                                   dry  fruit                                                                                                                                                                      A special request has been made for an MP3 player                                              portable CD players


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