You’re Invited to Dinner

You’re Invited To Dinner,is a fundraiser to help a 3 Haitians in Bercy, Haiti to open a restaurant. For the past three years, through my organization Bercy, Haiti & Beyond, I have been helping people in Bercy, Haiti start businesses. Businesses that not only help them become self-supporting, but also help the village of Bercy as a whole. A few include: a woman with three children start a solar powered charging station, a man restart his photography business with new equipment, and partnered with someone in the purchase of land for them to make money from the sale of plantains, mangos, and other fruits and vegetables.

On the afore mentioned piece of land I would like to help 3 young men: Joseph, Herode (pronounced Awood), and Edens start a restaurant. Between them they have 17 years of kitchen experience from working here in the US.

Bercy is a perfect location for a restaurant, since people have to go miles away to go to one. We have done a grass roots survey of the area and have found that people see a real need and have a real interest in a local restaurant. I have to mention that you can not think of what we have for restaurants when talking about restaurants in rural Haiti. Because of these differences starting a restaurant is easier to do and to run. This restaurant will not only provide income for the three young men and their families, but also for employees from the village and added income for the producers in the village.

I am asking area restaurants to partner with me on this, by donating a gift certificate(s). 100% of the money raised through the Your Invited to Dinner raffle of these certificates will go towards starting the restaurant in Bercy, Haiti. Your donation will directly help those young men and upon your request I will keep you updated with pictures and information on their success. I have included on the back of this letter are pictures and information on these men and their families. For further information on me and what I have been doing please visit .


Thank you!



Rebecca Bailey Ladd


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