The Three Tent Women of Bercy, Haiti

Letter to Possible Funders

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am writing you today asking not for a donation, but for a gift from the heart.

My name is Rebecca Bailey-Ladd, I live in Piermont, NH I grew up in Lyme, NH. I started traveling to Haiti in January 2009. I travel to the village of Bercy, which is 29 miles outside of Port Au Prince.

When I was in Bercy in April and May 2010, four and five months after the earthquake, I found that a “tent city” had popped up in Bercy. A tent city made up of people of Bercy whose homes were destroyed on January 12, 2010. I gave out 99 tarps, food and medical supplies, during my April and May trips.

I recently returned from Haiti the beginning of October, having been there for one week. I was pleased to see that the “tent village” is gone, with the exception of three tents. Living in these tents are three women: Masulia Joseph, Casandre Similien and Losume Louis. As you can see from the enclosed pictures, these woman are living in conditions that no one should be living in. When it rains, the rain pours threw their roofs and the floors become mud and their belongings are repeatedly destroyed. During the day the heat in these tents is insane, and there is no escape. When I was in Bercy, this past trip I had several tarps with me. By the time I learned about the “three tent women”, I only had 2 tarps remaining. I spent a couple hours on Friday, working with two friends to cover the roofs of two of the tents.

I am writing you today, asking not for a donation to a non-profit, but for a gift from the heart. 100% of your donation would go towards putting these three women in homes that would protect them from the elements and allow them to hold their heads up again. We are not looking to build them anything beyond the normal home, which honestly isn’t much by American standards, but is an incredible step up from what these woman have now.

I realize you are asked for donations all the time by local fundraisers and that can become a stress on any business. With this in mind, I still ask you to help make a difference for these three women in a third world country.

Each home will cost $1000.00 USD, to build. A donation of just $100.00 can move us one step closer to helping: Masulia, Casandre and Losume. Please look at the enclosed pictures and consider how you would feel if one these women were your mother, sister, or neighbor. What can you do to help?


Thank you,


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