The Voodoo Mans Underwear

Without his clothes on the Voodoo Man wears the same underwear as everyone else.

Living next to Herode’s house is a voodoo man, his name is… Well good question, Herode has gone to ask his name because he only knows him by his nick name. Okay his name is Clare de C Verter, his nick name is M Breezy. Now that we have gotten that out-of-the-way I will continue with the story of how I say the voodoo man in his underwear. But, first I feel i must back up to May 2010.

On my 48 hour trip in May, I found my self left with Jon Gabin as my translator/babysitter, while Herode and Edens ran errands. This was my first time staying at Herode’s house and was not familiar with his neighbors. About an hour into Gabin’s duties he told me that the neighbors to the right wished that I would come visit them. Not a unsual request, so we went. Upon entering a large concrete building, I began to get a little worried. We approached a large wooden door and the man took out a key and unlocked a huge padlock. Gabin followed the man down into a room. I stop in the door jam and went no further, alarm bells were going off in my head. Gabin as my translator told me that the man asked me to asked him questions. I knew as soon as I saw the room that he was a voodoo man. I looked around the room, wishing I was any where but there. I began to ask questions about what i was seeing: a painting of the Virgin Mary, another of Mary, Jesus, and Joseph, and yet another that I couldn’t make heads or tails of, a large pile of dirty clothes, a bell (that kept ringing) and other odds and ends. I asked questions that I hope would be polite but not keep me there longer that necessary. I was so glad to get away from there! Edens was quite upset that Gabin took me there at all, in Gabins defense he had no idea the man was going to take us to that room.

So here I am in September once again staying at Herode’s house. A week-long stay, were it has become apparent that I might not know everyone’s name, but most everyone knows mine. The voodoo man, just like everyone else in Bercy is happy to see me. By day number 2 I learned that M Breezy is to be the God father to my God Mother over Herode’s son! This was met in my mind at first with humor! After a few days of contemplation met with confusion. Why would a voodoo man, that does not practice Christianity want tp participate in a Christian Ceremony that it proclaiming that BOTH Godparents and parents will raise the child in the church; how can he do this.

I digress again.

The voodoo man seems to think we are very good friends. I guess I am very good at hiding my shock over what he practices. While sitting at his house on Thursday he was most interested in the fact that I have owned: cows, chickens, pigs and ducks not to mention goats. (This makes me think I know a lot more about the people here than they know about me). He had many questions about my camara and memory card. He has asked that I bring him one when I return in November and he will give me the money. While at his house we handed out the Camp Wicosutta shirts. The children sang and played for the camara. M Breezy seemed to enjoy all the excitement.

Later that night M Breezy began to fight with his wife, the argued in raised voices inside a large open cement room. Their voices echoed everywhere and though I was 50 feet away, it seemed as though they were in the same room with me. After the fighting ended the voodoo man turned on a CD of voodoo music. The CD played over and over all night. At one point in the middle of the night I said to Edens “where is the machete?” he asked why and I told him I was going to go destroy the CD player, he said I wouldn’t do that. About a 1/2 hour later he said “I hope the batteries die”.

The next night after a long very hot day, everyone else was already asleep, but sleep was not coming to me. And wouldn’t you know it, the voodoo man turned on a generator. It was so load and was powering a hug light that lit up the blue tarp wall of my house, making it seem like I was inside a Christmas light bulb. FOr hours the strange pulsing of his poorly running generator filled the air. A couple of times it shut off and I thought Thank God! Only to have him turn it back on. I turned on my iPod trying to drown it out. The generator stopped just as my iPod died. Finally sleep! But no! The music began again. Ten minuets later another kind of music started from the other side of the “house”, singing. The singing was coming from the church. So on my right side the voodoo music and on the left the women at the church singing. I woke Edens up and said, what is going on? I was then informed that some night they sing in the church until day light. I decided I was never going to sleep and proceeded to do just that. I think I might have slept three hours in the early hours of the morning. At  4am Edens woke me up and said it was time to leave for the Mountain to charge the lap top. At that time I thought of the voodoo mans annoying generator. I mentioned to Edens maybe seeing is we could use that rather than go to the Mountain. Any how, Edens went and talked to Herode and then they asked M Breezy. This would be how I ended up seeing the voodoo man’s underwear. After a few minutes of listening to Edens, Herode and M Breezy working on the generator I decided to step outside and see what was going on. I was greeted by M Breezy in a two-tone green polo shirt and his tighty whities, squatting on the ground working on the generator. As I continued down the path to the outhouse I contemplated the vision my morning brought me, and how like any other man I had seen in his underwear, when you strip them down to the bare essentials aren’t we all the same?

M Breezy got up at 4 am to help us with his generator and hung in there through gas outages, spark plug mishaps and various other issues until the job was done. So how do we judge a person? More contemplation must be done.   


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