Tales from the Trip

Monday, 27th day of September 2010

Today, as usual a lot of people are coming and going from the yard. This morning I awoke at 4 AM, Haiti time (5 AM EST). I laid in bed for an hour, trying to decide when I would get up and go pee, and where I would do so. I also lay listening to the rooster wars and the infrequent bellows of a hungry babe bef (calf), intermingled with the crying of children. 

I finally got out of bed and used the tarped in area we made for showers to use for my morning pee. So up and dressed; Samuel, Herode and I went in search of the babe bef I had been hearing. On the way Herode pointed out a building where bread was being made.

We walked into the yard were the babe bef lives with two Holstein cows, a mare and foal along with a mule. Herode wouldn’t enter this yard, I learned that in the past Herode this man borrowed money from Herode and never paid him back. I was able to go in with Samuel and see the animals.

“Bon Jour,” good morning! Was said to most everyone we saw. We stopped for Herode to pale (speak) with someone, Samuel and I after waiting 20 minutes decided to move on. We returned to the bakery and went inside.

In the bakery the men were putting a 12 inch wide six-foot long piece of dough through a roller. Two men cranking the roller, a third man feeding the dough into the roller. They then cut the six-foot strip in half and folded it in half. Then it was cut into 2 inch wide strips, then the strips were unfolded and rolled out. After rolling them into strips the dough was cut into diamond shapes and placed on baking sheets. After watching this process for a few minutes I joined in. I worked with them on the bread until the six-foot length was completed. I left the bakery not only having learned how Haitians make bread, as well has having earned bread for breakfast for everyone staying with me at Herode’s house. Bread from the bakery I was working at is sold at a cost of 2 loaves for 1 Haitian dollar. Were as 1 onion is 4 Haitian dollars.


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