Power Up Bercy!

 I worked with this crew for two days, putting up these poles. Getting electricity to this side of Bercy is wonderful. I ran the shovel and helped site the poles. The Boss wouldn’t let me help pull the ropes or work the long metal poles that raise the electrical pole, he wanted me safe. At any given time there were 20 villagers watching this process. Goats, donkeys and cows all made their way through the work zone. Several people asked if I worked for the company putting up the poles. Most of the workers you see in these pictures are working for free. They want to improve their village, so they pitched into help. There are very few jobs, so there are many men hanging around just trying to find something to do with their time.

On a hot 100 degree day I am surprised to be able to say I really enjoyed this work!


Deciding where to attach the pullys


Work stops whenever a villager needs to come through. 


Don't worry I was helping too! Someone had to hold the shovel!Know one died doing this, but it was close.


Always helping, that is just the kind of person I am!

It's up, kind of! Keeps moving around and it has to be straight for the next step!

Getting it straight.


Everyone came out to watch.

Herode taking the pullys off the raised pole

burning out wasps so a pully could be safetly attached to a tree

Make way, goats coming!

Where in the hell did the flag man go?


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