Brain Storming

Are you working with an organization in Haiti? Have you been involved in raising funds for Haiti or maybe fund-raising in general?

 I am very interested in hearing what people are doing that has been successful. So far most of my fund-raising has been private (person to person), public speaking and one Chinese auction and of course the constant talking I do about Bercy Haiti and Beyond.

Well, if you have read this Blog thoroughly then you know that funds are becoming a big need for Bercy, Haiti and Beyond. As of right now Bercy, Haiti and Beyond is not a non-profit organization, though I am interested in finding an umbrella non-profit. Since we are not a non-profit I can apply for grants, which can be a great source of income for projects.

So people hit me with your ideas and experiences, get the creative juices going. Treat this like a blog brain storming session, just through ideas out there and build on each others thoughts. I will try to open this topic up so that comments do not need my approval before they post. Please invite others to join in with this brain storming, the more brains involved the better!


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