10 Days and Counting, Haiti here I come!

Bags are being packed, almost done in fact! Martha (pronounced Mita), is so excited that I am coming on the 26th! I can’t wait to see her and everyone else! There is no doubt in my mind that this trip will be difficult, they all are, but I also know that I will be surrounded by friends. I will be able to walk away with a new set of families to help start businesses and what type of business to help them start. Nothing better than the satisfaction of helping a family become self sustaining, and knowing that the business is also going to help the village at large.
On this trip I hope to finally meet Edens’s father. Edens is going to arrange a time a day to meet him in Cabaret. On my last trip (in May), I was able to meet Herode’s (pronounced Awood) father. It is nice to begin to meet the fathers’ of these guys after having spent so much time around their mothers and siblings.
I am also excited to be bringing Michlen medical supplies. Michlen is a trained nurse who lives in Bercy. With these supplies she will be able to start treating people in Bercy, a business that will not only benefit her and her family but the rest of the village. Currently, people in Bercy travel to cabaret for medical care. I hope in November to bring her even more supplies. So if you feel strongly about medical care coming to people medical supplies might be something you might consider donating.


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