Phone call to Haiti

I spoke with a very close Haitian friend of mine yesterday. He was unable to get a work visa for this summer, so I haven’t seen him since May. August 12th his girl friend gave birth to twins, the little girl didn’t make it. yesterday I found out that the little boy is doing well and that they wanted me to name him. It is hard to name a child without looking at it! Any how his name is Rye, and I can’t wait to see him in November! I have already picked out clothes that a friend of mine is going to carry to Bercy, when he returns to Haiti in September.  

My friend in Bercy said that this summer he paid an organization $400 Haitian dollars to build him a wood and tarp house. This is frustrating! We so need Durasp on the ground in Haiti! 

My friend also had a message for me from the “Chief” of the village of Bercy. The “Chief” said that he has found the land he wants to give me to put the artesian well on etc. If you read the “The Land” page, you will see that this could get complicated. I just can’t accept this land.  


My Friends home

Tarp House


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