Durasip Housing

I am completly convinced that Durasip housing is the perfect answer for Bercy’s housing issues.

I had a great conversation with John Pardue, ( a Maine Native now living in Old Mis) about Durasip housing and where they are headed. I have been invited down to Old Mis to check out there facilities and to learn how to build these houses. 


“DuraSip is the original producer of phenolic resin – fiberglass laminate sheets and panels, sold under the DURA-SIP™ name.

Panels are available in seamless continuous lengths up to 40 feet and in widths up to 8 feet. Thickness ranges from ¾” to 12” with R values up to 72. Laminates are available in widths up to 8 feet and may be coiled or lay flat.

Our cost effective composite laminate sheets and panels are custom engineered to fit the structural and insulation requirements of our customers and optimized for performance and cost.

We produce quality products that are economically priced by utilizing a wide variety of fiberglass reinforcements and core materials of Expanded Polystyrene, Polyurethane, PVC, and honeycomb.

DuraSip products are strong, lightweight, fire and impact resistant, impervious to water, mold and insects, UV light and chemical resistant.”

“Our Casa Dos is a lightweight 300 sq ft two bedroom home for temperate locations. It is 8 feet tall 15 feet wide and 20 feet long set on a slab foundation. The walls panels are 2 inches thick while the roof panels are 4 inches thick (thicker panel available for colder locations). The panels are attached to each other with panel screws and adhesive. The panels for this home were made to the full length and width and are easily assembled on site without any heavy equipment or specialty tools.

A Casa Dos home can be constructed by a 2 person crew in less than one day and is a cost effective solution to much of the worlds housing shortage offering a strong safe structure with a long life cycle. The Casa Dos home was finished with commercially available synthetic stucco, no wire mesh is required; the stucco bonds directly to the DuraSip panels. Less expensive cement coatings such as mortar can be used in place of the stucco, or panels can simply be painted. The roof panels were covered with a standard white elastomeric roof coating. The DuraSip panels are completely water proof, and insect and mold resistant, exterior and interior finishes are strictly cosmetic.

The Casa Dos home weighs less than 1000 pounds. 12 complete units can be packaged into one single 40 foot shipping container or can be assembled in an offshore panel manufacturing operation using our laminates with panel pressing equipment.”

Casa Dos

Casa Dos Finished


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