The out pouring of clothing and other items for my Haitian friends: Edens, Ronald and Esaie has been wonderful. As will every good thing a new challenge emerges! The new challenge is the extra baggage fees to get the newly donated items to Haiti the beginning of September.

If your willing to help with this monetary need, please email me

The guys have also come up with a wish list of items they would like to  have go  to Haiti with them, or have me bring over in the following months. Here is a short list, more to follow.

– egg incubator

– cordless drill with two batteries

– shovel ends (the metal not the handle)

– hoe ends (the metal not the handle)

– solar car battery chargers

SEEDS:                       PLEASE ONLY HEIRLOOM

– pumpkin

– eggplant

– cucumber

– tomato

– okra

–  beans: dry and green

– onion

– watermelon

– cantaloupe

– peppers, all varieties

– strawberry

– carrots: short varieties like Danvers half long


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