My Heart Aches

I thought that my return from Bercy that last time would be easier. I was so wrong! My heart aches for the people I left behind, especially the children. I meet a mother named Darlin who has 3 children a 3 yr old 6 yr old and a 6 week old. Darlin’s husband left her when she was seven months pregnant with the 6 week old. She has no income and no way of making money. Currently she is living off of what her neighbors in Bercy give her. She told me (through my interpreter) that she plans on giving the baby to an orphanage. In order to get an orphanage to take the baby she will have to abandon him in the market for some one to find and take to the orphanage. This unfortunately is by far not the only mother put in this situation in Bercy and in other Haitian villages. With no government programs or other program like what we have here in the States the women are left to fend for themselves in a situation that is hard to handle even when you have a husband and a small income. As a mother I can’t imagine having to make that decision!

Darlin being given a tarp

Darlin's girls

It would cost $600.00 Haitian dollars for her family to stay together and survive, this is about $75.00 USD a month. I am working on finding some people to support her in that way until September when I can get the material she need to her so she can have her own business. I feel very strongly that we should help people but the help needs to be in the form of a Hand Up not a Hand Out! If you are interested in learning more about Darlin and the business I hope to set her up with, or maybe being one of the people to help support her and the children until September please contact me.

Me holding Darlin's 6 week old son


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