Wow, what a wonderful day!

Today here in Piermont reminds me of the bright sunny days I spent in Bercy in April, only it a whole lot hotter! I guess I better get prepared for that heat again since I will be flying into it on Sunday. I can’t believe I am already going back! I do not know yet where I will be staying or with whom, I should know that tomorrow. This fact does not make me nervous, maybe it should. I guess I am just so comfortable with where I am going and those around me that I don’t worry any more. The part that still bothers me the most is the Port Au Prince airport! My flight times are set up so that I will not be in Port Au Prince at night, this is for safety reasons. Once again I will not get to spend a day in Port Au Prince looking around, I will be there just one full day and I will spend that in Bercy. It will be a jam-packed day of handing out and setting up tarps. I will be speaking with Edens and Herode tomorrow on how we will set this up, if we will have people come to one location and pick up tarps or if we will take them around. I go in doing things in such a relaxed un scheduled manner that I will have to learn to change my ways when I start bringing other people in with me.

April 2010 trip, Thirsty baby.


When I return I will post pictures and then on May 15th at 7pm you can come to the Piermont Congregational Church and hear me speak about both of these recent trips.


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