Out pouring

The outpouring of help and interest in my trips to Haiti is amazing to me. I want to thank everyone who is involved on whatever level in the previous and upcoming trip. My parents especially need to be thanked. The May 9th trip is at their urging, coming from their distress that we know people who are living outside in the heat and rain. My father Morty, was animate that we do some thing to help. On Saturday my father went to Lyme Hardware and talked with them, from this conversation Lyme Hardware has agreed to sell us 100 tarps at their cost, a little over $ 4.00 each! Also a big thank you needs to go to my mother Kathy, and her siblings who all came together to cover the airfare and travel portion of this trip. I love you all!

What we are doing is helping people at the ground level, in a very human way and caring way. My trips and missions into Bercy, Haiti will continue from year to come and I will make sure that everyone involved is able to see the affects that their “hands up” not hand outs, have done for the people of Bercy. It really proves what I have been saying, one person can’t help a country (in fact is seems that a large NGO can’t) but one person can help a village. One person who spreads the word of need to many others and brings all those people together to help with a hand up. We have seen the need and we are doing something.

Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins. James 4:17

Haitian Sunset


2 thoughts on “Out pouring

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for opening the invitation for us to give funds for tarps for Bercy. Our church just donated funds for 44 tarps this morning. My friends and family there were so pleased to be able to give in such a tangible way. Also, more and more folks are following your blog and gaining an awareness of the need, the people of Bercy, and all the political crap around this. I was sharing with Joshua (my hubby) what you’ve been doing and your heart and he’s so excited about your push for personal relationship and sustainable living. We’d like to get together with you when you return and put our heads together. I foresee a trip for us to Haiti perhaps with more seeds to trade for livestock, water purification systems, and possibly solar generators. We’re doing a work with ACCD (association for christian character developement) which is all about transforming the way you think to align with God’s thinking ex: full of possibilities, taking responsibility, seeing provision vs scaricity, generous living… These kinds of teachings could be super beneficial there as well. At any rate, I’m so excited that you are going back and for how the provision is coming through. I will continue to lift you and your family up in prayer during these times. Thank you for your obedience to your convictions and for making this a group effort. Blessings my friend!

    Kate Dickey

  2. Kate,
    I was so excited that I heard your church has gotten involved. I hope they will all come on May 15th 7pm at the Piermont Church to hear me speak about my recent trips. I am overwhelmed with the out pouring as I said before. Today alone 425 dollars came in for this trip! I have a goal of 650.00 to cover everything and look at what has already happened! I would love to meet Joshua and talk. I met with Mark Langdon of Simply Relief on Saturday, it was a great conversation and maybe a partnership will come out of it. Thank you for all your prayers, support and spreading of the word of my mission.

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