Why another trip

So I have been back from haiti 1 week today! Already I am planning the next trip for May 9th to May 12. Why you ask. Why tarps. Why 100. Are you taking anything else. These are the questions I am being asked, so I am going to take a stab at answering them now.

– I am going because there is a need. I feel that if we know of a need and don’t help in some way it is a travesty.

-Tarps; 90% of Bercy’s houses were destroyed 01/12/10 and people are living in tents with sheet sides that do not keep out the rain, some people are living outside.

-100 tarps, because that is what I can carry in. I am sure more that 100 would be great, but I am but one woman.

– I am taking a little girls outfit for a 12 month old, for my friend Joseph and his wife, who have a little daughter named Judline.  I will being taking in a little bit of food so that I can eat without depriving anyone of their food supply. I will also be taking in a simply first aid kit and some pain-killer/inflammation reducer for Pater who has a slipped disk in his back.


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