The next step for Bercy, Haiti & Beyond

So how to move forward with Barcy, Haiti & Beyond? That is the question I am pondering. I could move it into a no-profit with a 501 c, which means eligibility for grants and people could right of their donations. I could continue on almost as is but with more officiality.

I have been working on a mission statement and goals. Goal pertaining to fundraising, activities in Bercy and local events.

Currently I see Bercy, Haiti & Beyond as an instrument in teaching sustainable farming and living, green energy and building techniques. I do not see this focus changing as I feel that these areas are extremely important in giving a people hand up and not a hand out. Improving people’s lives through learning new skills will lead to improving their lives in general.

So how does Bercy, Haiti & Beyond plan to do this? Well money will have to be a part of this. Money for trip to Haiti, and possibly to purchase land in Bercy. Also money is needed to purchase seeds, farm implements and supplies. People will be needed as well. People in the United Stets to teach techniques while Haitians are in the area for the summer. And finally, donations of their time.

I think the Chinese Auction fundraiser went well this past March, and could become a yearly event. The guys are planning their second concert this summer and this will become a tradition though not necessarily a fundraiser. I have given some thought to a fundraiser at the North Haverhill Fair or perhaps some local farmers markets. Also on my radar is a Blister for Bercy” a walk/run/bike event. I see a monetary need of $10,000.00 a year.

To this date I have been spear heading everything on my own, and as a control freak this works for me. But, for all practical purposes I need to enlist the help of 2-3 people who will come along beside to help with fundraising, getting donations, and drumming up people power.

Please let me know what you think.



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