Journal Entry 2

So there was a beautiful sunset today. It made me think that whenever I talk to people about Haiti I try and end with HOPE. When I watched that sun set I though of hope, that just as sure as the sunset happened to night there is HOPE for the people of Haiti. This HOPE needs to take many forms: sustainability; in the form of solar, wind, gardening, farm skills.



Today I spent the day in Bercy. Man it was a hot day. I could not find it in me to complain about the heat or anything else. America I ask you, if you gave money to a Haiti relief effort where did it go? The People of Bercy are asking that very thing. There are tent villages in Bercy just as there are outside of PAP Haiti.  The difference being that things are not being handed out here in Bercy. A few people have lrg tarps that say Samaritans Purse, here in Bercy people had to pay for their tarps, where as in PAP they were given away. Edens paid 250-300 for his. Someone in PAP is making money off others suffering. Three houses have gone up in Bercy with the help of outsiders, though according to Herode and John Gabon, the people still had to pay $1600.00 Haitian dollars, these houses are being done by Habitat for Humanity. There is one house that John Gabon says an American came and fixed. Row after row of house made of salvaged tree limbs covered with sheets and blankets, and a tarp here and there. These “houses” I guess better called shelters are about 6×6 feet, one attached to the next. The people of Bercy did this themselves, know outsiders helped with this. I met the villagers that we feed with the money from the Chinese auction. They were so thankful; they just couldn’t seem to say it enough times. And then they expressed that things are still very hard and food is hard to find. They ask for more food to be sent, the need is so great and I am but one person! So I guess I just need to start making some noise. I found today they the Orphanage in Bercy does not service any children in BERCY! This really pissed me off. They seem to be blind to what is right before them. Herode and John Gabon want to start an orphanage/something just for the children of Bercy. How can an orphanage/school be in a village and overlook the pain and suffering around them? I will be sending them an email when I return.


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