So here in the States we have been asking people to watch their water usage. Don’t take excessively long showers, water your gardens in the evening or early morning, and sometimes we ask people not to wash their cars.

I spent my day with children who have famine bellies. Where water is carried up a winding 1/2 mile rocky path. Water that was gathered from a stream that runs through walls of concrete. People bath in this stream, wash their laundry in it and gather their household water from it. Edens’s family carries it up the hill in five gallon buckets; to drink, wash laundry, clean, and bath in. We bath directly out of the bucket, dipping water out with a tin cup. Let me tell you, you don’t use much water when you know what was done to get it; when you remember the sweat pouring down peoples faces as the carry the water up the hill.

Water Source


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