Trip Journal

Well it is 6:30am; about an hour ago the human population here in the mountains began to wake, just as it was getting light enough to see. People slowly began to move around and the car traffic down the mountain began, horns can be heard. The animal population was up all night. I think the dogs were having a competition with the roosters to see who could make the most noise and then the donkeys joined in. It was cool here last night, a welcome relief from the heat. It was also an ant free night in my tent; Edens bought a bug spray that seems to have worked. Next time I come down I have to pack some. Edens has gone to the mountains where his father’s garden is to take him back the generator. They run a business in the mountains charging cell phone etc and the car battery died and they need to charge it. It is imperative we get them connected with solar charges!


Gas is $80.00 Haitian dollars a gallon right now. Edens mother is concerned, she says things in Haiti are getting worse (the lack of gas coming into the country I am sure plays a role), she does not want Edens to have me out after dark and she wants me around people that we know well all the time. When Edens returns from the garden we will be taking the motorcycle to Bercy. I will get to see baby Jeffery and his mother and give them the things I brought for them. I am not worried any more about riding the motor cycle. Maybe Robbie and I need to buy one! After spending some time with Jeffery and his mother, Edens will give them a ride to their home in the mountains. I will stay with Herode and visit people in Bercy! I am excited that I will be seeing his Aunty and his God Mother as well as all the other people that I spent time with in January 2009. I saw Jonh Nobear the other day. His house is badly damaged, I think it could be repaired, but I said nothing because he clearly doesn’t feel that way. Jonh is having pains in the top of both feet; he said it is hard to work in the garden with the pain. He was excited over the tarp and seeds, the seeds most of all! He said now he will have a food garden to feed him and to sell to others.

Ward & the generator

I am going to make a dreaded trip to the out house! I hope is smell better this morning since it has been cool out. Though I do not put much hoe in that, I spend my time (as little as possible) trying not to throw up. I have a very keen sense of smell and our community out house just about does me in. I also worry that some one is going to walk in on me. I am so American! Here when people need to pee they just go off to the side and pee, yesterday baby Ward was sitting on my bed in my tent. He got of the bed and peed and pooped in the dirt outside it. I call Mita and said Ward left you a gift! I had no idea what she would do with it, but she took a shovel and cleaned it up and threw it into that dreadful out house.

I wish I spoke Creole! I would love to really be able to talk with Edens’s grandmother. She was making a woven mat out of some kind of palm frond. She completed it yesterday and I will try and get a picture of it. I would love to learn more about her. Instead we are both polite; though I think she finds me a little odd!

Edens's Grandmother




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