Quick update with pictures

Bonjor! I have returned from a successful but all to short trip to Haiti.  

Did you donate money to any agency/organization saying it was for Haiti? If so, where did your money go? The people of Bercy are asking that very question and so am I.

I am fighting with my self over how to express my feelings about Haiti right now. How do I tell you that the country I have talked to you about a country so poor they often feed their children clay cookies to fend off hunger. How do I explain what things are like now?

The only thing I can try and do is bring it to life through pictures and words. Words that I hope will do the pictures justice, words that I hope will touch you deeply, words that will help you experience a taste of what my five day in Haiti were like; and why I cried on the plane when they gave us our evening meal. How, why?

More to come, lots more!


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