Phone Call From Herode

Herode, pronounced Awood, called me last night. His is so excited that I will be seeing him just over a week. He said the people in Bercy say “thank you” for the food that was delivered thanks to the money raised at the Chinese auction. He wanted to know how everyone was doing and if I knew when he would be coming back to New Hampshire. He and the other would like to come back the beginning of June not the end. But alas I have no control over this. He expressed excitement over the seeds that I am bringing and asked that I bring a tent for his Mother; he is very worried about the conditions she and the children are living in. I told him I would bring some kind of tent, (what it will be I don’t know yet). He also requested that I bring him a new visitor visa letter, which I will gladly do! He had one from me before that was destroyed in the earthquake.

Herode is very happy that I am bringing clothes for Baby Jeffery and Herode’s sister asked him to tell me “thank you” for the money for Jeffery to go to the Dr and for his medications. His sister wanted me to know that I can take Baby Jeffery home and have him as my own if I want. She said that he can have a better life here with me. My eyes well up just typing this that any mother would need to feel this way, and I realize that she is trying to make the ultimate sacrifice, living without her son for his own good. I can’t take him. But, I will do whatever I can for her to be able to raise him well, right where he is. By teaching her sustainability techniques and maybe to help her start some kind of business. Jeffery is the future of Haiti and he needs to be raised proud, smart, and wise to the ways of the earth and how to make things work for him. I want to be for Jeffery and his family what I have been saying about Bercy as a whole “I want to be a hand up not a hand out”. I want Jeffery to know and remember me as the God Mother that taught him how to better himself, not as someone who just hands stuff over. 



One thought on “Phone Call From Herode

  1. Rebecca, I’m so excited that your travel arrangements are so great. I’ll continue to pray for the odds and ends for your trip (and family at home) to come together smoothly! At this point I really don’t have any more funds to contribute but I did get another pledge for $10! The story of Jeffrey is heartbreaking and so common. God is so going to multiply your efforts and ministry in Bercy. I get goosebumps just thinking about the impact that one woman in Piermont is having. Thank you so much for inviting others (like me!) along to sow here as well! BLESSINGS, Kate Dickey

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