L'union Fait la Force

 A Marshall plan with no Government election Between You and Haendel Charles Haendel Charles April 6 at 7:27pm Report I’m in total agreement with you Mrs Ladd. but I did not say no Government I said A Marshall plan with no Government election for ten years(the 25% Government that exist is good enough for the next ten years, after this quake we the Haitians can get more out of President Preval. Haiti needs Strong, Patriotic People and leader that will step up to the plate and fulfill the duties of their elected office EVEN if they were not being PAID. Until we find such men, the cycle will continue unending. Haiti is at a cross road a chance of a life time. $10 billions = 10.000 NGOs Let’s do the math and reason, if it’s the Government that turned Haiti into the REPUBLIC OF NGOs let’s give them a taste of their own medicine by postponing Election for Ten Years. (1) The Republic of 10.000 NGOs will have no choice but to spend their capital in Haiti in order to survive because there’s no elective officials or government to be brought that’s more money for Haiti or they can leave the country at once.(2)the point of not having election it does more good than bad (a) a chance to stabilize Haiti while the country will undergo A vigorous process of Decentralization not just Port-au-Prince the ENTIRE HAITI WILL NEED TO DECENTRALIZE with a goal of building an independent civil society, with local cultural institutions at the core.The Structure should supersede chaos as an organizing principle. Build around the local values where these are positive, strong and forward looking.(b)the 25% left of the Haitians Government will be more easy to be decentralize and handle their focus will only be on helping the Haitians citizen and provide basic necessity like water,electricity, and food supply,and delegate the entire rebuilding Construction to five International powers External supervision must ensure that kleptomaniacs do not rule the day,while dealing with the $10 Billions funding and NGOs but off course local business(by Haitians) must be first inline for contracts Provide they can fulfill their duty an responsibility(c) No matter what happen at the end Haiti can only rebuild by Haitians or only Haitians knows how to rebuild Haiti, while a strong society and nation emerges over time. Haiti has one of the largest uranium reserves making it a jewel of the Caribbean. We have priceless resources but unable to utilize it for our own people…. Other nations have no interest of stabilize the country of Haiti. By now I really sound redundant I kept on repeating the same thing over and over for the last three months. I know Mrs Jennie Laure Sully have already seeing and read this note before.

 “God Bless Haiti”

L’union Fait la Force.

Haendel AKA Charles Smiles Always!!!!!!


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