Hoop Houses for Haiti

Hoop Houses for Haiti Lititz, Pa. – Esbenshade’s and Youth with a Mission Inter­national (YWAM) are teaming up to provide temporary housing to the homeless people in Haiti. As many as one million temporary housing units may still be needed for Haiti earthquake survivors. Recog­nizing this great need, a team from Esbenshade’s Greenhouses has designed and constructed a temporary housing structure resem­bling a greenhouse. The 14- x 16-foot structure can provide a temporary home for as many as ten people. These custom-made homes use proven technologies and compo­nents implemented in successful greenhouse construction, includ­ing pre-fabrication for quick and easy assembly. The pieces for these homes are being customized by local volunteers at Esbenshade’s Greenhouses in Lititz, Pennsylvania. Two hundred homes left a Florida port on Friday, February 12.

Upon arrival in Haiti’s port of St. Marc, local YWAM personnel and a team of construction volunteers from Dove Westgate Church in Ephrata, Pennsylvania began construction of the homes. The first 200 homes have already been built and a second batch of homes is expected to arrive in Haiti sometime during the month of April. The cost for one home, including materials and shipping, is only $300; members of the public who would like to financially sponsor a home can go to http://www.ywam.org/, a donation of any amount is appreciated. Select Haiti Relief Fund then leave a comment saying Hoop Houses. Also, volunteers are needed in Lititz and for the building project in Haiti if you are interested in helping give Angie an email at: sergenangie@dejazzd.com or call her at: (717) 859-3818

If you would like to do something like this for people in Bercy, Haiti then speak to me as I am able to make it happen. – Rebecca


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