Help. Hand up not Hand out

I have a lot of the guy’s stuff that they left behind last fall. Items they purchased and some donated items. Left because of an airline issue. I have seeds 20 lbs or so), clothing they bought for their families, basketballs and soccer balls… So clearly the balls are not of the utmost importance but the seeds and clothing are. With out those seeds they wont be able to start their gardens before the leave for the US in mid June, their families will have less to eat and the hunger will continue. The clothing is they are in need of now. With children growing and all their money going towards food, water and shelter they do not have any money left over for basics like clothing.

I feel an increased amount of stress over the knowledge that these items are in my home and not in Haiti where they are so badly needed. So with the round trip ticket costs at 1200.00 or so what do I do? Do I raise the money to take the stuff down? I can’t afford to pay for it on my own, I wish I could! Do I just let the stuff sit there and be of know use the guys and their families? I can’t ship it over the cost is even higher, just to send a letter is around $50.00, last I knew. If 50 people each donates just $24.00 that would cover the air fare. A few more people and the cost of another 100 lbs of luggage could be added, a few more people and the cost of a Tap Tap to get the items to the guys and their families would be covered. Some more people could donate rice, peanut butter and beans and I could deliver food as well. What do you think, could it be pulled off? Would you consider helping? What does $24.00 dollars mean to you? It isn’t even the cost of a dinner out for two.

Please let me know? I could go in a couple weeks. Would you help me pull this off? Let’s do this! How many friends do you have on face book? How many people do you know in your community? How many people in your church would like to make a difference? Would you help me with a grassroots effort to help these people out? I am not asking for help to help a nation, but if we start with one small group of people at a time, giving them a leg up and not a hand out, we can make a difference.

Upon my return I would more than happy to give presentations to groups, churches and individuals. Reporting back on the trip and the conditions and of course the guys and their families in Bercy and beyond.


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