Girl in the Yellow Dress


I would like to share with you the story of the Girl in the yellow dress. One late morning in Bercy I was sitting outside writing in my journal, maybe even writing about roosters, when a child entered the yard. A lone child is uunsual, my usual visitors came is gangs laughing a teasing each other. This little girl of 7 or 8 years of age wondered in on her one and sat down. Edens asked me if I wanted her to leave, I replied no. I continued writing in my journal, my friends preparing for out next outing in the house. I ask Edens to find out what the little girl’s name was. She had been watching me for about a 1/2 hour at this time. She didn’t answer him. Edens went to several friends and asked if they knew who she was, who her parents are. Nobody knew. Mean while the girl and I sat, she shifting positions in her chair, from sitting to laying and then squatting. She never spoke a word to me, though I did try talking to her. Herode came over to remind me that we needed to leave soon, I told him we had to wait until she left. I tried to give her a present, Herode tried to talk with her but neither of us had success. 2 hours after she entered the yard she left just as quietly as when she came. To this day those two hours haunt me. Who was she? What was her name? How is she now? What was she thinking? There are times I want to return to Bercy just for the off chance that I might see her again. I so want to know if she is ok, but Herode doesn’t even know where to find her.


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