What is needed

So when i spoke with Edens and Herode a couple days ago I asked what they needed most. If we could send them stuff what would they want sent.

1) The items they had to leave behind last fall.

2) Food

3) Tents

4) Clothing

5) Shoes

And since we can’t send items they said… Money, in order for them to purchase the items there.

Last fall they were planning on being able to take 100 lbs of check on luggage home. 24 hours before there flight we realized that they were not booked on American Airlines, but rather with Spirit Air. Spirit Air only allows 1 50 lb bag for passangers going to Haiti and you can’t pay for more! This was very upsetting to all of us and the guys had to repack their bags.

Because of this many items were left behind: seeds, clothing, and food just to name a few things. I had plans of carrying the items down to Haiti for them, but then the earth quake hit and I was unable to go. As soon as we can get enough funders behind the plan I will go down with their things. I could go any time before the end of May. If your interested in helping get these items to Haiti please drop my an message. There items are being stored in my basement.


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