Today I was reading one of our local weekly newspapers. There was an article on how our Piermont school budget was passed at a higher than requested rate buy the tax payers. Also mentioned was the warrant article that some towns’ people were trying to put through that would not only raise the school budget but tax payers’ taxes as well. The warrant article was to have our high school students have the choice of any high school not just to choose from the 6 or so choices they have now. This warrant article was not passed. Looking back on it from now I have had time to reflect on these decisions made by myself and my fellow tax payers. Looking back with thoughts on my friends in Bercy. My friends in Haiti and their siblings and neighbors are not able to attend school right now. Not only were the schools badly damaged by the earth quake but even when schools were open the cost was prohibitive. In fact Haiti is the only country in western hemisphere where most children do not attend school. Edens told me that he thinks “school is very important because the education could allow them to get a good job and make money for his family”. Even with the ability to get an education both Edens and Herode feel as though they are looking at a dead end. School in Haiti is vastly different then here in the states. The children wear uniforms; each school has a different one. When I was first told about this I was upset, thinking that families that were already strapped not only having to pay for school but for uniforms as well. Edens explained to me what was really going on. “By wearing a uniform the parents do not have to worry about washing a lot of clothes (without power and running water this is a hard task), the children then do not ruin their school clothes by wearing them in the garden or to do other things. The uniforms also “make the children feel like they are doing something special and that they should work hard at it.” Edens never seemed to feel that uniforms were an issue in his family, though paying for school is tough. So here in the United States in the town of Piermont we have people fighting to have our high school choices unlimited. While my friends and our neighbors to the south east do not have a choice about attending school at all.


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