Update on Jeffery

Jeffery was taken to the doctor day before yesterday. Herode and Edens are both telling me that the doctor said that Jeffery has “hard stomach”. I do not understand what this means and they were not able to describe further. The doctor gave Jeffery medicine, but the baby has to go back tomorrow and they have to pick up more medicine.

Gail W. attended the presentation I gave last week about Bercy and heard about Jeffery’s plight. She gave me $50.00 to send for Jeffery’s medical care. $45.00 was sent for Jeffery on Friday morning and the $50.00 from Gail W. was sent today. Thank you very much Gail W. for helping this child. I will have more information about Jeffery by the end of the week.

As usual it is always interesting to talk on the phone with my guys. In the back ground I could hear Tap Taps honking, people talking, cars driving by. I could just see the busy market with the people negotiating over items. Ragged children looking for scraps of food, and a place to rest. Dogs so thin that they are merely skeletons with skin stretched over them wondering around looking lost and forlorn. Tap Taps drivers pushing each other’s Tap Taps out of the way in there haste to deliver their passengers. Old Florida school busses driving through the market as though on a wide open interstate. I can just see the farmer pushing his wheelbarrow of plantains, eggplants and tomatoes through the market streets, trying to sell his wares.

Tap Tap

Wheelbarrow of harvest bound for the market


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